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When a Niche Consolidates


For many months I researched and profiled various companies looking for an opportunity to build a product/service that would provide an opportunity for me to build and scale a business.  After an exhaustive search, I finally landed on an idea:  real estate.  Specifically, I saw an opportunity to service real estate agents as they struggle [...]

Are We In Another Startup Bubble?


Have you noticed how many online startups there are again recently? While it’s great for overall innovation, it can create a challenging ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs. I’ve spent more time than I care to remember, evaluating various businesses, looking at models, and seeking opportunities where I could compete. Invariably no matter what idea I find and [...]

Web 3.0 Has Already Begun!


Web 3.0 has begun and its not what you think.  I don’t think many people realized what Web 2.0 was until we were at the height of it, and already seeing the capabilities that had been set out years before it. But imagine if we had all realized in 2001 what was possible and all [...]

Will China Eat Online Retailers?


For many years now, it has been pretty good business to setup an online store, source a few products from China and sell them in the US. But are those businesses about to get killed? I saw something this evening that took me a little bit by surprise and could spell trouble for the small [...]

Entrepreneurship Advice From Bill Gross


Tonight I attended an event for Startups at CalTech.  The event began with presentations given by several founders and wrapped up with a key note speech by Bill Gross. For anyone who does not know, Bill Gross is a legend in the startup community.  He founded IdeaLab in Pasadena, which has incubated over 100 companies, [...]

Top 10 Advice for Startups In 2012


I spent a lot of time studying entrepreneurship in 2011 and there were a number of great tidbits of advice that I collected along the way, that didn’t necessarily make it into a blog post of their own.  As I reflect on a year now gone, I picked my favorites for this top 10 list: [...]

Which Advice To Follow?


The World is full of advice.  And in entrepreneurship, we can choose from hundreds if not thousands of books that either advise us on how to become successful, or tell us the history of the successful. And it seems that many of these are just re-organization or re-hashing of a few core ideas:     [...]

Startups Costs More Than You Think


I’ve spoken to countless people who are shocked when I tell them it should cost at least $25k-$30k to start just about any serious venture, even when bootstrapping.  I’m invariably told by the person I have this conversation with that they are confident they could do it for a lot less.  And then there was [...]

Tech Innovations That Are Creating New Opportunity


There is a common expression in tech entrepreneurship – do things that weren’t possible 3 years ago.   The reason for this is the accelerated innovation and thus the accelerated commodization of technology.  A product might go from ground-breaking and unique to absolutely commodity in 10 years or less.  If you accept that, then you must [...]

Do Things That Don’t Scale!


Paul Graham of Y Combinator fame once gave the advice to “do things that don’t scale”.  That advice was given to the founders in the first YC cohort.  I heard this while I was watching the interview with the founders on I thought this was pretty interesting advice.  I think the logic here [...]