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Analytics & Optimization Presentations


This past weekend I presented a couple sessions at ProductCamp in Orange County. Product Camp is the leading conference series for Product Managers and provided an opportunity to present to the 500+ product managers, strategists, analytics, and marketing managers in attendance. Actionable Analytics Strategies The first session I presented was Actionable Analytics Strategies, covering the [...]

When a Niche Consolidates


For many months I researched and profiled various companies looking for an opportunity to build a product/service that would provide an opportunity for me to build and scale a business.  After an exhaustive search, I finally landed on an idea:  real estate.  Specifically, I saw an opportunity to service real estate agents as they struggle [...]

Who Should Own Marketing Technology?


Marketing technology is becoming increasingly important in organizations as online marketing becomes a larger part of the overall marketing strategy. Yet getting anything done for marketers in many of these organizations is becoming increasingly difficult. Marketers typically do not have insight into the technical underpinnings of the systems they rely upon and the IT department [...]

Positioning a B2B Company


When you are building B2B solutions and services, you must consider the size of the companies you want to target; the needs are profoundly different from large to small and thus, your approach and even the way you would structure your company, is inherently different. Consider that if your goal is to create a productized [...]

Waterfall or Iterative Methodology?


A debate has been raging for the past few years about the right way to build software products.  There are essentially two schools of thought and the two are pitted against each other with as much conviction and animosity as a presidential election.  And much like a political or religious debate, neither side seems to [...]

Are We In Another Startup Bubble?


Have you noticed how many online startups there are again recently? While it’s great for overall innovation, it can create a challenging ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs. I’ve spent more time than I care to remember, evaluating various businesses, looking at models, and seeking opportunities where I could compete. Invariably no matter what idea I find and [...]

Web 3.0 Has Already Begun!


Web 3.0 has begun and its not what you think.  I don’t think many people realized what Web 2.0 was until we were at the height of it, and already seeing the capabilities that had been set out years before it. But imagine if we had all realized in 2001 what was possible and all [...]

Online Marketing Strategies for SMBs


Through a convergence of recent events, local small businesses (SMBs) are beginning to flock to online advertising. Businesses and consumers alike are making substantially less use of the Yellow Pages and other print directories to discover local merchants, in favor of more efficient tools search tools such as Google and Bing. Traditional rating and review [...]

Usability Is Not a Function of Graphic Design!


The International Standards Organization (ISO) defines usability as “The extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in a specified context of use.” Usability is essentially the study of user experience applied for the creation of a better user interface for software. And [...]

The Need for Development Process


Many smaller and non-technical businesses are not familiar with web development process and thus may not fully appreciate the need for it.  Many times, the development team is pushed to override process either because it appears wasteful, interferes with a more organic process, or because there are looming deadlines that conflict.  While this may facilitate [...]